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Earth Similarity Index

The Earth Similarity Index, ESI or “easy scale” is a measure of how physically similar a planetary-mass object is to ... more

Rossby Number

The Rossby number (Ro) named for Carl-Gustav Arvid Rossby, is a dimensionless number used in describing fluid flow. The Rossby number is commonly used in ... more

Gravity Acceleration by Altitude

The gravity of Earth, which is denoted by g, refers to the acceleration that the Earth imparts to objects on or near its surface due to gravity. In SI ... more

Vertical Pressure variation of the Atmosphere of Earth( exponential function of height)

Vertical pressure variation is the variation in pressure as a function of elevation. The vertical variation is especially significant, as it results from ... more

Planck temperature

Planck temperature, denoted by TP, is the unit of temperature in the system of natural units known as Planck units.

It serves as the ... more

Celsius <-> Kelvin

Convert temperature between Kelvin and Celsius scales.

... more

Fahrenheit <-> Kelvin

Convert temperature between Kelvin and Fahrenheit scales.

... more

Kelvin <-> Rankine

Convert temperature between Rankine and Kelvin Scales.

... more

Kelvin <-> Delisle

Convert temperature between Delisle and Kelvin Scales.

... more

Kelvin <-> Newton

Convert temperature between Newton and Kelvin Scales.

... more

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