Vertical Pressure variation of the Atmosphere of Earth( exponential function of height)


Vertical pressure variation is the variation in pressure as a function of elevation. The vertical variation is especially significant, as it results from the pull of gravity on the fluid. For the same given fluid, a decrease in elevation within it corresponds to a taller column of fluid weighing down on that point. Vertical pressure variation of the Atmosphere of Earth depends on air density.
Density, on the other hand, varies more significantly with height. Instead of pressure being a linear function of height, as from the more simple “basic formula” , it is more accurately represented as an exponential function of height.

Related formulas


PhPressure at point h (Pa)
P0Pressure at reference point (typically referring to sea level) (Pa)
mMass per air molecule (kgr)
gLocal acceleration of gravity (m/s2)
hHeight difference from reference point (m)
kBoltzmann constant
TTemperature (K)