Semi-Minor Axis - Ellipse


In geometry, the semi-minor axis (also semiminor axis) is a line segment associated with most conic sections (that is, with ellipses and hyperbolas) that is at right angles with the semi-major axis and has one end at the center of the conic section. It is one of the axes of symmetry for the curve: in an ellipse, the shorter one; in a hyperbola, the one that does not intersect the hyperbola.

The semi-minor axis of an ellipse runs from the center of the ellipse (a point halfway between and on the line running between the foci) to the edge of the ellipse. The semi-minor axis is half of the minor axis. The minor axis is the longest line segment perpendicular to the major axis that connects two points on the ellipse’s edge.

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bsemi-minor axis (m)
asemi-major axis (m)
ϵeccentricity (dimensionless)