Permeability (porous material)


Permeability is a measure of the ability of a porous material a rock or unconsolidated material, to allow fluids to pass through it.
Permeability is the property of rocks that is an indication of the ability for fluids (gas or liquid) to flow through rocks.
High permeability will allow fluids to move rapidly through rocks
Permeability is affected by the pressure in a rock.
Permeability is part of the proportionality constant in Darcy’s law which relates discharge (flow rate) and fluid physical properties (e.g. viscosity), to a pressure gradient applied to the porous media.

Related formulas


QPermeability (m2)
vSuperficial fluid flow velocity through the medium (m/s)
μViscosity (Pa*s)
DxThe thickness of the bed of the porous medium (m)
DPThe applied pressure difference (Pa)