Ideal Transformer equation - Currents


A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy between two circuits through electromagnetic induction. A transformer may be used as a safe and efficient voltage converter to change the AC voltage at its input to a higher or lower voltage at its output. Other uses include current conversion, isolation with or without changing voltage and impedance conversion.

The physical principles of the inductive behavior of the transformer are most readily understood and formalized when making some assumptions to construct a simple model which is called the ideal transformer. This model differs from real transformers by assuming that the transformer is perfectly constructed and by neglecting that electrical or magnetic losses occur in the materials used to construct the device.

For example,If the secondary winding of an ideal transformer has no load, no current flows in the primary winding.

Related formulas


ISsecondary current (A)
IPprimary current (A)
NPprimary windings (dimensionless)
NSsecondary windings (dimensionless)