Hydrostatic Pressure - simplified version


In a fluid at rest, all frictional stresses vanish and the state of stress of the system is called hydrostatic.For water and other liquids, this integral can be simplified significantly for many practical applications, based on the following two assumptions: Since many liquids can be considered incompressible, a reasonably good estimation can be made from assuming a constant density throughout the liquid. (The same assumption cannot be made within a gaseous environment.) Also, since the height h of the fluid column between z and z0 is often reasonably small compared to the radius of the Earth, one can neglect the variation of g.

Related formulas


phydrostatic pressure (Pa)
ρfluid density (kg/m3)
gStandard gravity
hheight of the liquid column between the test volume and the zero reference point of the pressure(at or below the liquid surface) (m)