Ebullioscopic constant


An ebullioscope (from the Latin ēbullīre is an instrument for measuring the boiling point of a liquid. This can be used for determining the alcoholic strength of a mixture, or for determining the molecular weight of a non-volatile solute based on the boiling-point elevation. The procedure is known as ebullioscopy.
The ebullioscopic constant, allows one to relate molality to boiling point elevation.
(The elevation of boiling point is a colligative property. It means that the property, in this case the change of temperature depends on the number of particles dissolved into the solvent and not the nature of those particles).

Related formulas


KbEbullioscopic constant (K*kg/mol)
Rmolar gas constant
TbBoiling point of liquid (K)
LvLatent heat of vaporisation per gram (enthalpy of vaporization) (J/kg)