Darcy's Law for membrane performance application


The selection of synthetic membranes for a targeted separation process is usually based on few requirements. Membranes have to provide enough mass transfer area to process large amounts of feed stream. The selected membrane has to have high selectivity (rejection) properties for certain particles; it has to resist fouling and to have high mechanical stability. It also needs to be reproducible and to have low manufacturing costs. The main modeling equation for the dead-end filtration at constant pressure drop is represented by Darcy’s law in the formula shown here.

Related formulas


Qvolumetric flow rate (m^3/s) (dimensionless)
ΔPdriving force (dimensionless)
μdynamic viscosity of permeating fluid (Pa*s) (dimensionless)
Amembrane area (m^2) (dimensionless)
Rmmembrane resistance (dimensionless)
Rdeposit resistance (dimensionless)