Darby-Melson equation (for Buckingham-Reiner equation)


Although an exact analytical solution of the Buckingham-Reiner equation can be obtained because it is a fourth order polynomial equation in f, due to complexity of the solution it is rarely employed. Therefore, researchers have tried to develop explicit approximations for the Buckingham-Reiner equation.

n 1981, Darby and Melson, using the approach of Churchill and of Churchill and Usagi, developed an expression to get a single friction factor equation valid for all flow regimesm, which is a combined equation for friction factor for all flow regimes.

Both Swamee-Aggarwal equation and the Darby-Melson equation can be combined to give an explicit equation for determining the friction factor of Bingham plastic fluids in any regime. Relative roughness is not a parameter in any of the equations because the friction factor of Bingham plastic fluids is not sensitive to pipe roughness.

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fLLaminar flow friction factor (dimensionless)
ReReynolds number (dimensionless)
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