Boltzmann factor in mechanics


In statistical mechanics and mathematics, a Boltzmann distribution (also called Gibbs distribution) is a probability distribution, probability measure, or frequency distribution of particles in a system over various possible states.

In statistical mechanics, the Boltzmann distribution is a probability distribution that gives the probability that a system will be in a certain state as a function of that state’s energy and the temperature of the system.

The ratio of a Boltzmann distribution computed for two states is known as the Boltzmann factor and characteristically only depends on the states’ energy difference. it is expressed as shown

Related formulas


Fstate1Boltzmann distribution of state 1 (dimensionless)
Fstate2Boltzmann distribution of state 2 (dimensionless)
E1state 1 energy (J)
E2state 2 energy (J)
kBoltzmann constant
Ttemperature of the system (K)